Who are we?

We are southern California- based providers of equity capital, investing principally in companies in the western US with revenues of $10 - 50M.  Our objective is simple… to grow equity value through responsive collaboration.

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A live Wedding at the Premiere of "Jumping the Broom"

Posted May 07, 2011

A Live Wedding at the Premiere of “Jumping the Broom” May 7th, 2011 § Leave a Comment It opened this weekend, and Johnson Products, the official hair sponsor, helped! JUST ADDED! Behind the scenes photos of the bridal party preparing for the live... Read more

Our Focus

We invest in growth opportunities, primarily in the western region of the US, in companies with revenues of $10 – 50M, and that have achieved (at a minimum) break-even financial performance.

We invest in a range of industries, with particular interest in consumer goods, media, and service companies. We have particular expertise in companies targeting ethnic markets in the US. We will make control or non-control investments, but always expect to play an active role. For more details, click here.

Become a partner

We are committed to our portfolio and seek to be active and valued partners to the management team. We bring a unique mix of market expertise, financial skills and operating experience to our portfolio companies. Our principals seek to be creative and flexible partners who understand that speed and responsiveness are essential in a dynamic marketplace. As a smaller fund, we have limited the number of companies in our portfolio, allowing us to spend time with each company as needed. The fund also has a large network of experts and relationships that we are able to leverage as needed