RC/Fontis Investments

Rustic Canyon / Fontis Partners is no longer active. It made its investments primarily between 2006 and 2011 and currently holds only one remaining investment, Sambazon, Inc.  Representative investments included:




Based in San Clemente, California and founded in 2000, Sambazon makes and sells açaí-based food and beverages. Sambazon was founded in 2000 by Ryan Black, Edmund Nichols and Jeremy Black, following a trip to Brazil where they experienced their first açaí bowls. Credited with introducing açaí to the US, the company started by selling frozen açaí pulp to juice bars in southern California, but now has distribution networks across the US, Japan, KoreaTaiwan, Mexico and Canada. In 2005, Sambazon built its own açaí manufacturing plant in Brazil, establishing an organicvertically-integrated supply chain for the berries. (Remaining investment)   

Preferred Brands Intl. (PBI)  

Operating under the brand name Tasty Bite, the Company is known for its microwaveable vegetarian, all -natural Indian and Asian meals, grains and noodles.  The products are sold in North America, the UK and Australia, with a manufacturing plant in Pune, India. PBI was sold to Kagome Foods in Japan in 2015 and subsequently to Mars Foods.

SAFE Security

SAFE Security, Inc. provides residential and small business security and life safety products and services to customers throughout the United States. RCF sold its interest in Safe Security to ICV Partners in 2011.

Johnson Products 

Johnson Products, a preeminent name in the African American personal care market, was the owner of iconic hair care brands Ultra Sheen and Gentle Treatment. In 2013, the company merged with Dr. Miracle’s, and was subsequently sold to Strength of Nature, a roll-up of brands in the ethnic hair care market.